Consul of Monaco Provides Historic Context to Huntridge Theater Debate

Jonathan Warren, Honorary Consul of Monaco in Las Vegas opened a town hall meeting at the historic Mesquite Club in the Huntridge area of Las Vegas.  Consul Warren was asked by a group of local citizens seeking to revive the Huntridge Theater nearby.  The theater was developed by Henry Leigh Hunt, who was Consul Warren’s predecessor in his consular post.

Consul Warren described the history of the Hunt family, and their quiet entry into Las Vegas in 1923 with a large group of investors.  The Hunts became the largest land owners in Las Vegas, including much of the “Strip”.

The speech was well received and also served to build awareness of consulates in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS SUN — Jonathan Warren, left gives a historical account of the Hunt family before a panel discussion on the Huntridge Theater at the Mesquite Club Wednesday, June 20, 2013. Brian Paco Alvarez, right, moderated the discussion.

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    Thanks, that’s wonderful!

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