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Consul of Poland Elected President of Las Vegas Consular Corps

Friday, April 19, 2013 — The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland, John Petkus has been elected President of the Las Vegas Consular Corps.  The motion was made by the Consul of Ireland and seconded by the Consul of Monaco.  The motion carried unanimously.

Consul Petkus (center) with members of the Consular Corps

Consul Petkus (center) with members of the Consular Corps

After opening his consulate in December of 2009, Consul Petkus has been an active member of the Consular Corps from his first days in the post.  He produced renowned cultural events including Chopin on the Rocks at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve in 2010.  He co-produced Cocktails with the Consuls and Dine with Dignitaries events with the Consular Chamber, as well as the Fabulous Las Vegas fundraiser for the Liberace Foundation for the Creative and Performing arts, where he brought attention to the fact that Liberace was half Polish.  His signature event is the sponsoring of a polish youth soccer team to come to Las Vegas every year to compete in the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup.

In February Consul Petkus spearheaded the opening of the Forbidden Art, an exhibit of artwork by prisoners of Auschwitz, during its first tour of the US.  The Las Vegas exhibit was the only one in the US to feature the Director of Auschwitz, a guest of Consul Petkus.  The event was recognized in a letter from President Obama.

“We endeavor to become an integral part of the Cities and State that we serve in the pursuit of cultural, business and educational exchange between the countries we represent and our Consular Territory, Las Vegas and the State of Nevada.” – Consul John Petkus, President of the Las Vegas Consular Corps